Eight Age


1 – Pantheon of Man assumes power

126 – Dwarves retreat to deep within their mountains

228 – Elves leave the lands of man, returning to their homelands.

250 – Council of the Covenant – Seeing that their involvement in day to day matters has alienated humans from the other races, The pantheon met and decided to play no direct role. Gods disappeared from direct contact.

680 – Berith the prophet – rouses the populace to follow his mono-theistic views. Gains rapid success due to the angst of the common man over the “disappearance” of the gods.

980 – Vulsh falls to a unified attack from the Lizard men of Shalakar and the Gnolls of Kalast’Har.

981 – The City of Vulsh is renamed Kalast’Har as the Gnolls move their seat of power to the once Human city. The bandit kingdoms unite under one banner. Kalast the 32nd proclamed as Bandit Emperor. Lizard-men are considered second-class citizens, one step above slavery.

990 – By 990 bandit raids into Vesh have dwindled to nothing. Kalast declares that he will tolerate no more brigandage, wants to be recognized as a rightful nation. Envoys begin being dispatched to the other Kingdoms.

1290 – Kalast’Har is accepted as a member nation of the empire.

Eight Age

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